The Body Piercing Training Specialist. Established 2000.

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This is a quick guide to ourselves and our courses together with other important information.

Unfortunately over the last few years the industry has been completely saturated with so-called Body Piercing Training. There's only limited numbers that want to do training and only so many people who want to get pierced. There's now Piercers everywhere, on every street corner and it's beginning to peak. This is one of the reasons why you need good training to differentiate yourself from all the rest, to stand out and from a School that is well known with a long track record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We operate out Colchester in Essex.

We also do on-site training when people are already set up.

Is there a minimum age to do the course?

Yes. 18 years old. The reason? It is extremely unlikely a 16 year old will get a job. Some Professional Body Piercers have adopted a minimum age policy for Piercees of 18 years. It would be a bit odd if the Piercer was below this age. Also people would not take them seriously. We are often contacted by 16 year olds looking for work after completing a course, so have first hand experience. We have trained one or two 17 year olds when a Parent or guardian is already working in the industry and they would be working with them. I usually suggest to 16 year olds to finish their education and then, if they are still interested in becoming a Body Piercer at, say, 20, then that's great. Be wary of those offering training to 16 year olds. It's money making, selling a dream that will not come true.

What piercings are covered on the piercing courses?

The piercing courses cover all of the above the waist including surface, anchors and divers.

Will I be doing Piercing when on the course?


Do some people fail the course?

I never use the word fail, but passing the course is not automatic and never has been since starting to train people in 2000. Around ten per cent of people don't pass. They have an opportunity to come back at a later date for free.

How long is the Body Piercing course?

* Six day intensive Body Piercing Training course that we have been successfully operating since 2000.

Do you do on-site training and how much is it?

Yes, we can operate the course when people's premises are already set-up. The cost for four days is £600.00 plus travel expenses and accommodation. Contact us for further information.

How much does the course cost?

- Our Original six day intensive is currently £600.00 (was £995.00)initially to celebrate our 14 years of training people. We have decided to continue to offer the course at this price because of its popularity.

Will you be able to train me because I live overseas?

Certainly, we have trained people from all parts of the U.K and also from around the World such as South Africa, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Greece, Austria, Norway, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Dubai, Israel, Cyprus, America, Norway and many more........

Can you recommend an Online or Distance Learning Course?

You cannot learn Body Piercing by distance learning. Don't waste your money on these.

Can you send me the theory first and then come to do the rest of the course?

No. Making the course modular in its approach, separating all the components by first sending out all the theory for home study, then implementing the practical application over 2 or 3 days does not work very well and is not satisfactory. The theory is an integral part of the course which create foundations for the practical application. Both parts cannot be separated. During the theory stage we are introducing you to all the knowledge and skills, including equipment, consumables and our exclusive techniques that are required for precision piercing.

How much practical is there during the course?

Four days.

Are you an Academy?

One business started to call themselves an Academy and now many others, without any innovation, have adopted the word, this also includes words such as International, the UK's Number One, the most popular etc etc. The words are totally meaningless, just another example of deception. How do they know they are the U.K.'s number one? and likewise another popular current word usage is when they say International as if it is something important. Be wary and open your eyes. Web sites can say anything, Trading Standards cannot act against misleading information so keep in mind that if it all sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Established businesses don't need to somehow mislead people with such word usage because their reputation carries them through as the differentiating factor.


The majority of the people we train have been recommended to do our course by people already working in the industry, Tattooists, Body Piercers, suppliers and now Hair and Beauty businesses. This must be saying something. Some already have a job offer, subject to them successfully passing our course, others start their own businesses, others want to get into the industry and are looking for employment and self employment and still others want to add Piercing to their existing business, some have been offered jobs as Senior Piercers after completing the course.